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This 3-page blog post addresses the topic of proactive lawyer regulation, which is also known as proactive management-based regulation or PMBR. This blog post reviews Professor Susan Fortney's article entitled "Promoting Public Protection through an “Attorney Integrity” System: Lessons from the Australian Experience with Proactive Regulation System," and summarizes some of the impressive data that Professor Fortney collected in Australia, including her finding that sixty-two percent of the respondents reported that they agreed or strongly agreed with the following statement: the self-assessment process ‘was a learning exercise that enabled our firm to improve client service.’” The article also reports that in their text entries, seventy-eight percent of the respondents described positive changes in their impressions of the self-assessment process.

To show the impact of these Australian developments, this blog describes and includes links to subsequent developments, including important developments in Colorado and Nova Scotia. This blog post is a short introduction to some of the material and themes that are included in the much longer article entitled: Laurel S. Terry, The Power of Lawyer Regulators to Increase Client & Public Protection Through Adoption of a Proactive Regulation System, 20 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 717 (2016).

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