About Dickinson Law Review

The Dickinson Law Review is the flagship journal at Penn State Dickinson Law, which is one of the oldest law schools in the country. It is a general-interest journal dedicated to scholarship that advances global knowledge and understanding, consistent with Penn State's role as a world-class research university.

The Dickinson Law Review is one of the oldest law reviews in the country and is credited with having the first woman law review editor, Julia Radle in 1898. Although the law review's name has changed several times throughout the course of its 120+ year history, its commitment to excellence and student opportunities has remained steadfast. Its current name, Dickinson Law Review, is the name it used for more than 100 years, including the first six years after the law school's 1997 merger with Penn State. The Dickinson Law Review has a storied history, having published articles by leading U.S. and global academics, judges, and lawyers. It is proud of its tradition of publishing articles that seek to influence thought-leaders and policy-makers to improve the world in which our students live.

The law review publishes articles, essays, and book reviews by leading professors, judges, and practitioners from around the country and the world, as well as student-authored comments which provide timely and original analyses of recent legal developments. The editorial board also organizes symposia and hosts scholarly dialogues with authors to discuss forthcoming or recently published articles.

We strive to provide an author-friendly editorial experience. Our goal is to create a positive editing experience that preserves the unique voice of each author, but gives appropriate support and feedback.

We are currently publishing three issues per volume. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at DickinsonLRev@psu.edu.