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This chapter is part of a 20-chapter book that features essays by subject-matter experts and advances and sharpens the dialogue within the bar about accelerating disruption of the legal services marketplace. It identifies forces that are creating pressure for regulatory change across the United States, summarizes regulatory reforms that have taken place elsewhere in the world, and highlights issues that U.S. lawyer regulators must confront soon in response to a rapidly evolving legal industry. It concludes by offering predictions about the future course of lawyer regulation in the United States. While it is impossible to know exactly which regulatory changes will gain a firm foothold throughout the United States, it is all but certain that change will come, and the impact will be dramatic. Indeed, some have predicted that we will see more change in the next two decades of legal practice than we have seen in the past two hundred years. The same is likely to be true with respect to regulation of legal services. As U.S. regulators and stakeholders consider changes going forward, they should consider what it is they are trying to achieve through the lawyer regulatory system, the regulatory options available, and the degree to which they want the delivery of legal services to be occurring within the regulatory structure.

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Globalization and Regulation